Frequently asked questions

What is Readytwoeat?

Readytwoeat is a website platform to support all Mumineen Home-Makers and Caterer in Kuwait to promote their business and give more detail to their customers with item,price and order all in one place.

What does Readytwoeat do?

We simply take your submitted order and send it to the Caterer through a automated process, so you don't have to deal with all the hassle of ordering over the phone.

Why should i use Readytwoeat?

Readytwoeat is one place for many caterers. You don’t need to go around to find caterer numbers, waiting on hold, getting a busy line or getting the wrong order due to miscommunication. Besides that, by using Readytwoeat, you can view Menu with pictures of your favorite caterer in our Easy-to-use website which is also mobile friendly.

How much extra do i need to pay to order from Readytwoeat?

There is no extra charges that you have to pay for ordering on our website. Instead you will be able to get extra discounts for ordering from our website.

How do i pay for the order i make on Readytwoeat?

Cash on Delivery- The Easiest way of Payment.

Do you have Special Offers?

Yes, you will be eligible to get Special Discounts with selected Caterers when you order on

How do i place order on Readytwoeat?

-Visit our caterer page. -Select the caterer you want to order from. -Once you decide on the item to order, click on ORDER NOW button. -Fill up your details and place your order. Done! Your order will then be placed and routed to the caterer immediately. We will call you to reconfirm your order and arrange the delivery or pickup time as per your preference.

How can i contact

You can contact us anytime through live chat or send your feedback through the "Contact Us" tab on our Homepage. Or visit us on Our Instragram(Readytwoeat) and will be glad to see you in our follower list.

What is Home-Chef on the Readytwoeat?

Here, We share with you recipes of amazing Home-Chef who cook extensively, and post about their cooking stories along with super appetising pictures.Our aim is to connect different Home-Chef from around the world with different types of cuisines.

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