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Have you ever tried recreating a dish you just loved at a restaurant? We have! And it turned out to be delicious !😋



During these lockdown days we are unable to eat at our favourite restaurants, so why not try making restaurant style DYNAMITE CHICKEN at home! Inspired from Pf Chang!

Its easy to prep and yummy to have!

Crispy fried chicken, dipped in sweet tangy mayo sauce! The sauce is the star of the dish, fillied with bombard flavors. Try it and make your family go wa wawa waaa (crazy) 🤣😉


  • (marination for chicken)

  • 🔸Chicken - 250gm (cut into cubes)

  • 🔸Ginger paste - 1 tsp

  • 🔸Soya sauce - 1tbsp

  • 🔸Salt -as per taste

  • 🔸Pepper - ½tsp

  • 🔸Red chillie powder or paprika powder - 1 tsp

  • (coating for chicken)

  • 🔸All purpose flour- ½cup

  • 🔸Corn flour- ½cup

  • 🔸Salt- ½tsp

  • 🔸 Pepper- ½tsp

  • 🔸 Whisk 1 or 2 eggs in a separate bowl.

  • (Dynamite sauce)

  • 🔸 Mayonnaise-½cup

  • 🔸 Hot sauce-2tbsp

  • 🔸 Ketchup-2tbsp

  • 🔸 Honey or (sweet chillie sauce)-1tbsp

  • 🔸 Red chillie flakes-½tsp

  • 🔸 Red chili powder-½tsp(optional)

  • 🔸 Vinegar-½tsp


1. In a bowl mix all the marination ingredients and keep it aside for 1hr or more.

2. Mix the coating ingredients in a separate bowl and keep it alongside the whisked eggs.

3. Now prepare the dynamite sauce by mixing all the mentioned ingredients and set aside.

4. Heat oil on medium flame until it is hot for frying. Coat each piece of chicken with the flour, dip in eggs and then again coat in flour mix.

5. Drop them in the oil carefully and fry till golden brown. (Cook on low flame so the chicken cooks properly.)

6. When serving, pour the sauce on the chicken and garnish with spring onions and lettuce!😀

Enjoy this dish with your family while your taste buds explode with flavours!

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