Mango Malai Mithai!

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Mango Malai Mithai

So whats your palate weakness?

Seasonal Mangoes or Desserts or both? 😋

Sometime or the other we’ve all had the marvellous Mango malai mithai from Tawakkals in our grub city Mumbai!

Today I’ve had a go at it in my very own style to give you the feels of what you’ve been missing!


  • 250gm paneer

  • 1can condensed milk

  • 1ltr full fat milk

  • 1tsp cardamom powder

  • Pinch of saffron

  • 1pc mango

  • 2tbsp Plain gelatin powder

  • 1/2cup Pistachio nuts


  • Let the Paneer come to a room temperature, grind the paneer(250gm) until it’s powdered.

  1. Take a non-stick big pan,add milk(1ltr) heat on medium high flame for 2min and then add paneer and condensed milk 1/2 of can.

  2. Add cardamom powder (1tsp) and mix well.

  3. Let it boil until it’s not thick keep stirring soo that It doesn’t stick to the pan, showed in the picture

  4. It I’ll take almost 30-35mins to get thick

  5. Until then chop the mangoes and grind it in chunks or chop it.

  6. When the milk is thick enuf remove the half portion in a bowl.

  7. Remaining half portion in pan add mango chunks & saffron to it and mix it well.

  8. After 5 mins add gelatin powder(1tbsp) and mix for another 5min,

  9. Then off the flame and directly remove this to a rectangle or square shape dish, set it evenly and refrigerate for 15min to set.

  10. Now mixture in a bowl add that to a pan on medium heat, add gelatin powder(1tbsp) and mix well for 5mins then off the flame.

  11. Remove the dish after 15mins from refrigerator and layer the 2nd mixture on top of it evenly, garnish with pistachio nuts.

  12. Set in fridge for 2hrs.


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