Peanut- Butter Cocoa Balls

Recipe by Home-Chef themom.series

Peanut Butter Cocoa Balls


🌰 ¼ cup Cocoa Powder

🌰 2 cups quick oats

🌰 ½ cup Peanut butter

🌰 ½ cup honey/maple syrup/Agave

🌰 ¼ cup of coconut oil/butter


Sprinkle with -

🌰 Almond powder

🌰 Pistachio powder


●In a non-stick pan, warm all the wet ingredients (mentioned above) until stir-able

●Turn of the heart after liquid ingredients are softened.

●Add in the dry ingredients and stir them well.

●Let the mixture cool down and refrigerate it until it's firm enough to form into balls.

●Lastly, sprinkle them with almond and pistachio powder.

●Tadaa, ready to munch.

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