Pineapple Sundae

Food Recipe by Home-Chef Fatema_arusha


  • Pineapples boiled and cut into small triangle pieces.

  • Pineapples juice (leftover juice from boiling pineapple with sugar)

  • Fresh cream

  • Cad-bury grated

  • Walnuts

  • Parle-G Biscuits (powdered)


  1. Now in a wide bowl.

  2. First add the Parle g biscuits powder, flatten it and over it put walnut ( churn walnut just for two sec in the blender, don't turn it into powder),

  3. Then add pineapples and pour nice amount of pineapple juice over it. We'll get the sweetness from it ,

  4. Then pour the cream and then Cadbury grated nicely.

  5. Then again comes Parle g biscuits, walnuts, pineapple, juice, cream, Cadbury,

  6. Keep repeating the process until the bowl is filled or whatsoever.

  7. Decorate it with big slice of pineapple.

And Viola, you are Done.

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