Raspberry Mousse

Food Recipe by Home-Chef Houswives Diaries

Sometimes, more often than you can imagine, you just crave for something sweet. 😋🍰

Here's a quick, easy, and NO BAKE dessert that anyone can make. 😃


  • Raspberry jello - 1 packet

  • Cupcake - 2 packets

  • Flakes chocolate - 1 (for garnishing)

  • Whipped cream - 1packet


  1. Start by making the jello mix accordingly to the directions.

  2. Make the whipping cream while jello partially sets. Go according to the directions on the box. Add sugar if needed.

  3. Now add 4-5 spoons of the jello mix to the cream and mix well. Keep in refrigerator to cool.

  4. Take a glass/small bowl - layer it with a slice of cake and pour the jello mix, so the cake soaks the water and a little bit more to make jelly. Keep in the refrigerator to set for 1/2 hr to 1 hour.

  5. Pour the rest of the jello mix in a plate to set to use later for garnish.

  6. Once the cake and jelly has set, pour the whipping cream to make the 2nd layer.

Now garnish with flakes and jello cubes. Your quick and easy raspberry mousse is ready!

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