Steam pepper chicken (oil free)

Steam pepper chicken, is an extremely easy, quick & delicious variant of chicken. You can literally just make it whenever you want without any extra preparations. It requires just 3 main ingredients. So it is the best option during this lockdown. The best part is, it is completely Oil-Free & healthy!! The cheesy and peppery flavour of the chicken seeps in very well in steam cook. It is even the best option when you have sudden guests at home.. Do try it out!

Method with Ingredients:

1- Boil the Chicken in 1 tsp Ginger Garlic paste & Salt (preferably leg pieces).

2- After the chicken is boiled, lay a piece of foil paper.

3- Make a layer of processed/mozarella cheese.

4- Sprinkle some Black pepper powder.

5- Keep the chicken pieces on it.

6- Make some slits in the chicken pieces.

7- Add some whole Black pepper in the slits.

8- Sprinkle black pepper powder & top-up with processed/mozarella cheese.

9- Sprinkle Oregano & chilli flakes.

10- Wrap the chicken in the foil.

11- Boil water in a deep pan & place a stand in between.

12- Place the chicken on the stand.

13- Cover & cook for 10-15 min in steam.

14- Steam Pepper Chicken is ready to serve!!

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