Tawa Masala Papad

Food Recipe by Home-Chef Taste.of.streets

Step 1

🔸️In a bowl take all purpose flour

🔸️add 2 teaspoons of ghee and

🔸️Salt to taste and

🔸️Make a dough which should be medium soft.

Step 2

🔸️On your normal gas

🔸️Take your kadai place it upside down. (On low flame.)

🔸️Remember place something in between for air to pass on.

Step 3

🔸️Make big huge rotis using flour

🔸️Place in on kadai

🔸️Once you start seeing bubbles turn the roti

Step 4

🔸️Now on other side of the roti (use handkerchief) and roast it until it because kadak/hard

🔸️Now once you see it golden brown take it off and place it on bowl.

🔸️Let it cool down for 2 mins

Step 5.

🔸️Take chopped onions and tomatoes

Add it on this papad

Step 6

🔸️Add chat masala

🔸️Add lal mirch(red chilli powder.)

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