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I scream, You scream, We all scream for ICE-CREAM, Zesty Lime Pie Icecream.

This elegant and simple lime ice-cream pie is a perfect dessert for celebrating!

Easy homemade ice-cream to add some fresh, Zesty flavor to your summer.


  • 11/2 cup Digestive crumbs

  • 1/4cup unsalted butter

  • 1/4cup sugar

  • 2pinch salt

  • 1cup cream cheese

  • 1cup sweetened condensed milk

  • 1/4cup Thick cream

  • 3 Limes (green)


STEP 1: In a medium bowl, combine the digestive crumbs(1&1/2cup), unsalted butter(1/4cup), sugar(1/4cup) and salt(1pinch), using a spoon first and then use your fingers, mix until combined.

STEP 2: press the crust into an even thin layer on an non-stick pan, on a low flame bake it for 5mins.

STEP 3: let it cool, then use a spoon to break into chuncks, set the crust aside while you make the filling.

STEP 4: crush the lime zest and take the lime juice out (3 limes)

STEP 5: In the bowl of an electronic mixer, beat the cream cheese(1cup) until light and creamy, about 1min.

STEP 6: Add the condensed milk(1cup) and beat until smooth, for 2mins.

STEP 7:Add thick cream(1/4cup), lime zest , lime juice and salt(1pinch). Beat until evenly combined, about 1min.

STEP 8: Arrange half of the Digestive crust evenly over the bottom of an 8”by 4”inch loaf pan.

STEP 9: Pour the ice-cream mixture over top.

STEP 10: Then cover with the remaining crumbs. Cover with the plastic wrap and freeze until completely firm, atleast 8hrs or overnight.


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