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Bee Cake 10 Inch Double Choco Fudge With Crushed Hazelnut Frosting
Cost - 16.000 KD
Engagement Cake 10 Inch  Triple Fudge Cake With Fudge Filling and Choco Frosting
Cost - 15.000 KD
SpongeBob Square Pants Cake - 10 Inch Chocolate Fudge Cake With Basic Choco Butter cream & Cherries
Cost - 16 KD
M&M Cake- An All Chocolate  10 Inch Cake With Customized M&M Characters as Cakes
Cost - 18 KD
Heart's Theme Cake -10 Inch Chco Fudge Cake With Maraschino Cherries As Fillings & Choco Fudge Frost
Cost - 16 KD
Optimus Prime Cake - White Mud Cake With Choco Frosting
Cost - 25 KD
Manchester United Cake - 10 Inch German Choco Layered Cake With Mocha Frosting
Cost - 18 KD
Mr Bean- Customized Choco /Vanilla Cake (Price Upon Request)
Price Upon Request
Kitkat Theme Disney Character Cake (Price Upon Request)
Price Upon Request
Baby Shower Cake - 10 Inch Dual Flavor (Strawberry & Blueberry Cake With Strawberry Filling & Cherri
Cost - 16 KD
Anniversary Heart Cake With Customized Flowers & Decor- (Flavors & Size Upon Request)
Price Upon Request depending on flavours and size
Anniversary Cake With Red Ribbon -12 Inch Flavors Upon Request
Cost - 20 KD
Giant Cupcake  - Chocolate With Choco Frosting
Cost - 14 KD
Teddy bear Cake -A Customized Teddy With Choco & Vanilla Frosting (Price Upon Request)
Cost - 12 KD ( price may vary at the time of order )
Play dough Theme Cake- (Flavors & Size Upon Request)
Cost - 20 KD
Minions Theme Cake- (Size & Flavors Upon Request)
Cost - 28 KD ( Size and Flavour upon Request)
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